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Robert’s Bio

Robert Rudelic, an acclaimed Instructor formerly with the National Holistic Institute is a sports therapist, pain specialist and medical researcher whose experience encompasses over twenty years of clinical practice, teaching seminars and workshops and peak performance coaching. Robert has created dramatic results for thousands of people and his work has been the subject of articles published in the field of health and fitness.

He is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Neuro-Muscular Therapist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Health. Robert’s client list includes professional athletes — (Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, New York Mets, Denver Broncos, SF 49er’s, Houston Texans) numerous Olympic athletes, entertainers, musicians and world-renowned medical doctors. Robert also works with the SF Ballet and the SF Symphony.

Robert is the author of the book “Anything Is Possible: The Art And Science Of Tapping Into Your Power” — How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Let Yourself Through with PowerTapping! His work has touched thousands of individuals from all walks of life who are committed to living the lives they deserve to live and he has been the featured guest and spokesperson on many television and radio programs. Robert’s media appearances drives up ratings and is frequently featured in “The Best of …” programming.

Roberts work is an integration of the many manual therapies he’s studied for the past 25 years coupled with cutting edge technologies like FSM and fortified with nutrition and supplement coaching to address all aspects of physical healing. The addition of PowerTapping from the field of Energy Psychology has completed his approach to treating acute and chronic injuries and getting his clients back in action quickly and with confidence, free of worry about re-injury. Robert is a therapist and health educator and his clients walk away feeling great with knowledge of how to take better care of themselves in the future.

Robert is an innovator in his field. He was one the first to be certified in NMT (Neuro-Muscular Therapy) and co-hosted the first 3 years of Paul St John NMT trainings in California. Robert was also the first therapist in California trained to use FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) for sports injuries. Beginning in 1988 he studied with Aaron Mattes and introduced thousands of therapist and trainers to AIS (Active isolated Stretching) through seminars he taught as well as hosting Aaron many times for advanced trainings. His latest work involves developing and integrating the techniques of tapping into the fields of sports therapy and finally addressing the emotional issues involved in long term pain and the fear of re-injury which often leads to re-injury.

Robert’s therapy sessions almost always involve more than two things being worked on at any given time. His clients always get more than they are expecting.

Curriculum Vitae

Robert Rudelic, B.S., N.M.T., M.E.S.
US Citizen born April 5, 1959 in Detroit, Michigan

HealthCare Professional / Health Educator

• Physiotherapy Practitioner • Medical Researcher • Author • Nutritional Product Formulator and Developer
• Seminar Leader • Personalized Nutrition Planner • Athletic Trainer
• Product Spokesperson • Personal Success Coach

• Possessing advanced coaching/teaching skills with a practical approach to healthcare.
• Closely associated with the International Scientific and Research community.
• Up-to-date on health related studies and cutting-edge technologies.
• Distinct advantage in new product development with direct links to latest findings.
• Exclusive microencapsulation patented technology for nutritional supplements.
• Experienced in television and radio.
• Twenty plus years in the health industry.
• Developing systems for injury prevention enabling athletes long term careers.

Areas of Expertise

Physiotherapy Modalities

• FSM — Frequency Specific Microcurrent
• Neuro-Muscular Therapy
• Medical Exercise
• Somatic Movement Re-Education
• Active Isolated Stretching
• Deep Muscle / Connective Tissue Therapy
• Reflexology
• Joint Specific Mobilization Management
• A.R.T. — Active Release Technique
• Post Injury and Post Surgical Rehabilitation


• Keynote Speaker
• Conducting Seminars / Workshops
• Hosting Seminars / Workshops for World Renowned Educators
• Television Infomercial Spokesperson
• Television and Radio News Expert on Health Issues
• Teaching Curriculum Consultant / Planner / Instructor
• Athletic Event Organizer


BS Shaw College at Detroit | June 1982
Health & Physical Education

NMT National Holistic Institute | August 1988
Neuromuscular Therapy

MES American Academy of Health & Fitness | November 1997
Medical Exercise Specialist

Specialized Professional Trainings and Certifications

Dr. Carolyn McMakin — Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Paul St. John — Advanced Neuromuscular Training
Bob King — Myofascial Release and Injury Rehabilitation
Aaron Mattes — Active Isolated Stretching
Susan Koneig — Hanna Somatics
Jean Claude West — Structural Mechanics; Orthopedic Analysis
Greg Saucy — Stretch Dynamics
Lee Shabas — NMT for Chronic Pain Patients
Usus Shiki Ryotto — Reiki System of Natural Healing
Paul Chek — Strength and Conditioning Coaching
John Harris — Sports Massage
Dr. Nelson Vetanze — Active Release Technique
Gary Craig — EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Steve Wells — EFT, SET, PET
Candace Pert Ph.D. — Molecules of Emotion
Dr. James Oschman — The Living Matrix

Professional Experience

Private Clinical Practice, San Francisco, California 1989 — Present
Oakland Raiders, Team Therapist 2003 / 2004 Season
Paramount Pictures, Movie Set Therapist (The Longest Yard) 2004
Pickett Racing, Team Therapist 2005 – 2011

Professional Sports Clients: Past / Present —

Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49er’s, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans

Professional Affiliations

American College of Sports Medicine — Registration # 616288
American Massage Therapy Association — Registration # 48295
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology / ACEP


Book — Anything Is Possible — The Art & Science of Tapping Into Your Power
by Robert Rudelic, BS, NMT, MES
Published 2005.

Subject — PowerTapping®, a technique developed by Robert Rudelic that can quickly and easily relieve unwanted, negative emotions and permanently change beliefs forever. The book is a no-nonsense, psychobabble-free approach and written for use by anyone of any age.

Personal Activities and Interests

Class V white water river rafting, pioneering the sport of Cat Boating
Cycling, both mountain biking and road racing
Weight Training
Personal Development and Behavioral Modification