Quotes about Robert’s work

After a serious jumping accident on my horse, I was unsure if I would ever ride again. Since Robert is an injury specialist, I went to him for therapy. The first thing he did was introduce me to PowerTapping. I was somewhat skeptical. With a broken clavicle, I thought my mental state was to come second — but, I realized within one session that the mental and emotional benefits of this work would be my greatest healing asset. Not only was I able to cope with the pain of the injury, but the fear from the fall was being addressed and worked through. I am now competing again, jumping bigger jumps than before, and with a brand new mind-set! Robert’s work played a key role in allowing me to go forward from fear and adversity.”

Molly Brock
Former Olympian, World Champion Rower
Hunter/Jumper Competitor


“It’s beneficial, there’s no question about it. It’s affected me physically and mentally — I feel much more prepared for practice every day. It’s been excellent stuff. I think every player, when you go into a new season, you’re looking for something that will give you an edge, and my work with Robert has definitely done that.”
— Trace Armstrong

President, NFL Players Association 

“Robert’s program has affected my performance in such a way that I can now wash away things that bother me and replace it with positive thoughts. If I get in a situation where things would normally trouble me, without even thinking about it positive things seam to come out. I’m more prepared and more efficient with the time I have on the field. I don’t waste time with negative thoughts, I’m out there really concentrating on how I can make myself better and achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself.”
— Marcus Knight

Wide Receiver, Oakland Raiders

“Robert’s work has definitely helped my speed, my agility, my flexibility as well as my ability to recover on a day to day basis. My initial burst out of my stance and my ability to stride out is drastically improved with the stretching program he puts me through. Anytime you can mentally feel better about yourself and you’re more flexible and you have the ability to run faster, you’re going to feel better mentally and more prepared and more confident to play better. At this point in my career, at 33 years of age I feel as good as I’ve ever felt.”
— John Parrella

Defensive Tackle, Oakland Raiders

“Robert has helped alleviate some problems that have been plaguing me for years. I am in my sixties and an avid and competitive bodybuilder. I am more than grateful to him for his advice and actions, which are going to be of enormous use in reversing the aging process in the future. My body already has a much greater sense of freedom.”
— Colin Graham
Artistic Director, Opera Theartre of Saint Louis


“I met Robert several months before I was to have knee surgery. His incredible knowledge of how the body works, especially the muscular skeletal structure, helped me breeze through the rehabilitation period easily. Robert is a natural teacher and delights in empowering his clients with a better understanding of how their bodies work. Now that Robert has expanded his practice to nutritional supplements, he is able to empower us all the more. He is a true pioneer in the field of health care as it relates to taking ancient remedies as well as the latest scientific research and updating this to the present time.”
— Kathy Grant
Artistic Representative


“I was training for the Honolulu marathon with a nagging pain in my knee that was getting worse by the day. I consulted with Robert and he explained what was causing the problem. He gave me instructions on a technique called “Active Isolated Stretching”, and a nutritional program including velvet antler. After a few short days I was able to run and continue my training. I NEVER would have crossed the finish line if I hadn’t worked with Robert.”
— Al Lai
Distance Runner


“I am a professional golf instructor, and after following the program that Robert tailored to meet my needs, my performance as a golfer has improved dramatically. I’ve passed on to my students what I have learned from Robert and they have also benefited. Thanks to Robert I haven’t missed a round of golf in a year. Robert is uniquely qualified to help athletes at all levels.”
— Michael Ambrose
PGA Member


“I attended a three-day seminar conducted by Robert Rudelic. What I learned over the course of those three days was very different from what I had been advised to do over the years for my chronically aching shoulder. I decided to follow his program (to the dismay of my doctor) and we (my doctor and I) were amazed at how quickly my body responded. I am now able to resume playing tennis and back winning tournaments.”
— Rachel Burke
Aerobics Instructor/Personal Fitness Trainer


“I used Impax Therapy’s Mobility Rx pain relieving lotion for a bad burn on my hand. I was amazed at how the pain from the burn eased up after application to the burn. I also believe the skin was healed quicker with continued use on the burn.”
— Cheryl Rosenthal
San Francisco Film Producer


“For the past two years or so I was lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night. I tried various things from going to bed at the same time every night to other natural supplements. They didn’t work. I tried a couple of over the counter sleeping pills but I was so groggy when I woke up I felt like a zombie. The first night I tried Straight 2 Sleep, I could not believe I slept all night and didn’t wake up at all, and, when I did wake up I felt so good and rested. The rest is history! I continue to get great sleep every night and should I wake up in the night I go back to sleep right away. It’s an awesome supplement. I am so thankful for it.”
… Jeannette Steen, Real Estate Agent

“I’ve been on and off antidepressants for years and have wanted to get off of them all together. When I learned about ThinkStraight I decided to try it in place of my antidepressants. The results have been surprisingly amazing! I’m now completely off my prescription medications, my energy is up, I’m living life again and I’ve never felt better. ThinkStraight has made a huge change in my life and I am grateful!”
… Kari Romney, Naked Minerals Cosmetics

“PowerTapping” is the next evolution in EFT or Thought Field Therapy. This “psychological acupuncture” is the latest craze that suggests all you have to do is tap your troubles away.
Well, they’re right. At least, you can tap away most of the stuff that bothers most of us on a day to day basis. For proof, read “Anything Is Possible” by Robert Rudelic. This is one of the better books on “tapping” points on your body to release blocks. More than that, this book explains how to “replace” negative or limiting thoughts with more empowering ones.I strongly suggest you get this one. They also have a DVD presentation that is great.
… Joe Vitale — Mr. Fire

“I’m good, thanks to Robert. I love him – he literally saved my life! Out of all the self help, material, this is the greatest of them all!”
… Robert Kirk, Independent Business Owner

“I bought Euphoria for Women to use with my wife and she loves it. It made me look like a hero and it has really increased the frequency of our sex life. As long as I have Euphoria she never says no.”
… Bob, Age 42

“I’m a serious athlete that snowboards in the winter and competes in road bike races in the summer. I live in the mountains so altitude is a big issue. Before I started using Excel Rx my training was often cut short due to physical exhaustion, but now that I use Excel Rx daily I’m completely amazed at my strength, stamina and endurance. I would not be without this product — it gives me an edge over my buddies.”
… Dillion Jacobs 

“My job involves a lot of traveling and it’s so hard on my system. Upon returning home it would take my body a little longer to get “moving” again.  What a relief after discovering Regularity Rx! I consider it a gift from above! I take 2 capsules every morning and I’m as regular as clockwork even with all the crazy schedules and different time zones. It’s just so natural with no feelings of urgency or bloating or discomfort that I’ve experienced with other products. I simply would not even consider being without it.”
… Dawn Doucette, Business Traveler